Construction Management: Tenant Build Outs and REO Rehabs

Residential Rehabs

What we do:

Based on our experience, we can help with all aspects of your home improvement or pre-sale project. 

Past properties include:

- Pre-Sale (Inspection) Repairs/ Market Prep

- Foreclosures

- Estate Sales

- Fixer Uppers

- Investment Purchases

KAT helps you look at each project and determine the budget and path to accomplish your overall objective. This includes financial analysis, rental/ sales market evaluations, and construction plans.  Then, once you are comfortable, KAT is the authority on helping you to carry this out.

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Partial Rehab


Maybe your diamond isn't that rough. KAT can provide a basic "refresh". This might include painting, carpeting, and lighting upgrades.

Full Rehabs


You're not watching HGTV anymore. You living this dream and often, the smell will remind you of the reality in front of your goal. This is our bailiwick and where some see funk, we see potential.

Pre-Sale Improvement & Repairs


Inspection items, market prep, pre sale repairs. **Homeseller Repair Finance provided by Settle Rite.** No payments until closing.

Regular Management


Prevent Code Violations with  regular services such as lawn care,  & snow removal.

Evictions/ Trash Outs


Coming (back) Soon: One time, the largest Eviction company in the D.C. Area, KAT will help ease a process that many sweat over.

Market Staging


Coming Soon: Some of our members have worked for the brands that define a consumers dream. We're going to bring a piece of this into your investment to capture top values.

Pre-Sale Home Improvement, Repairs, and Management Special

If you are a home seller and are preparing your home for market or requiring inspection repairs/ home improvement services. Through Settle Rite, you can have work performed immediately and defer payments until closing. We are proud to be a part of their Pre-Sale Home Improvement Package!

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